Justin Mitchell

Software Developer in the MS Gulf Coast area


    Hi, Iā€™m Justin! šŸ‘‹

    I'm a Software Developer with 3 years of experience programming, and 8 years of experience developing online games.

    My previous role was as the Lead Game Developer at TipsyCoin.

    I created and managed ConspiracyCraft (Affinity Designs, LLC), a Minecraft server that was played by 250,000 unique players over its lifespan (2013-2020).

    Currently I am freelancing java software development and searching for a full-time software development role that is either remote or in the MS Gulf Coast area.

    I'm based in the US and enjoy nice bike rides, old runescape soundtracks, learning new things and building cool software!


    Java and SQL are my most used languages, but I'm familiar with others.

      ā€¢ Java

      ā€¢ SQL

      ā€¢ CSS

      ā€¢ JavaScript



    Here are some notable open-source projects that I developed.

      Game of Life - Simulate cell life and create unique artwork.

      Aqua - A library of Bukkit/Spigot tools that help you stay in flow.

      Chatbuddy - ChatGPT, but in Minecraft & Discord.

      Minebuddy - Monitor your Minecraft server through Discord.

      Healthy Habits - Habit pattern visualization website developed with Spring.

      Tweeter - Minimal version of Twitter developed with Spring.

      The Wild - Text-based RPG game.