8 years experience designing and managing successful online game server with 250k unique players. 3 years experience building Java web apps, microservices and APIs. Focused on backend technologies such as Java, Spring, SQL and REST.

Ability to take lead or follow business requirements. Great communicator and resilient problem solver that works well with others.


    • Java

    • SQL

    • CSS

    • JavaScript

    • Python

Technologies & Frameworks

    • Spring Boot

    • MySQL/RDMS

    • Bukkit/Spigot

    • Maven & Git

General Skills

    • Design and develop backend architecture based on business requirements

    • Ensure solutions can adapt to forseeable consumer/client needs

    • Create or interface with REST APIs

    • Design systems that are easy to understand and build upon

    • Debug code, develop new features and deploy software

Specialty Skills

    • UX/Game Design

    • Java Microservices

    • Spring Rest APIs

    • Spring Web Backends

    • Linux System Administration

    • Minecraft Plugin/Server Development

Other Skills

    • Remote Team & Project Management

    • Digital Marketing

    • Quality Control

    • Community Management