Feb. 2022 - Nov. 2022

A startup creating an open-world metaverse with the latest blockchain technology.


Lead Developer


• Saved the company over $400,000 in development costs

• Researched, designed, developed and tested a blockchain application (in Java) from scratch in 5 months

• Oversaw design and implemented WebSocket API interfacing with Ethereum that enabled token holders to summon NFTs in Minecraft

• Developed a secure economy API allowing virtual trade and transactions between accounts

• Stored all persistent data using MySQL to enable scalability between multiple servers

• Utilized the principle of encapsulation by breaking complex project down into multiple sub-components

• Analyzed business context and provided a solution that was praised by customers

• Managed and hired efficient game development team (~6 people)


• Provide leadership and expertise for developing & maintaining a live-service application

• Collaborate with blockchain team to design and implement efficient blockchain API

• Maintain and modify software based on customer feedback

• Documented project and software created

• Seamlessly switched between team efforts and working independently on critical software components


Jan. 2022 - Present

Develop custom software for clients using Java.


Java/Plugin Developer


• Developed location management system utilizing Levenshtein distance.

• Developed data tracking system with interface for daily, weekly and all-time stat

• Integrated into a crypto startup team and provided leadership and expertise in the Minecraft server space


• Develop plugins or server projects to the clients needs

• Communicate effectively with clients to understand their needs

• Analyze and research problems to develop the proper solutions

• Modify existing source code to provide bug fixes or updates

Affinity Designs

2013 - 2020

A service-based game design business that specialized in creating Minecraft server experiences.




• Served over 250k unique players

• Created a business that generated 6 figures in profit

• Provided a lasting impact on people around the world through a fantastic, tight-knit community


• Develop software/gameplay based on both customer and market needs

• Research and analyze industry trends closely to provide innovative solutions

• Manage complexity within systems to reduce entropy and simplify customer experience

• Think and work independently on problems at hand, and with a ~30 person team of volunteers

• Maintain backend Linux systems and databases to ensure quality user experience

Trademark Exteriors

Oct. 2020 - Feb. 2022

A small company that provides trusted residential remodelling and construction services to my local area.

My Role



• Repair, replace and install vinyl siding

• Install professional seamless gutter

• Professional aluminum brake work

• Perform general labor

• Obtain new customers through digital marketing